Suspension TrainingTRX & Aerial Suspension Training

Ready to get stronger from the inside out? Ready to break through your plateaus and reach your fitness goals?

Then you must try TRX & Silk Suspension™!

TRX is an exciting exercise program originally developed by the Navy Seals.  Using your own body weight and gravity, the TRX suspension system offers hundreds of fun and challenging exercises for people at all fitness levels.  Peak Sports Club offers both TRX Strength and TRX Yoga classes.

Silk Suspension is an antigravity training program that combines Suspension Training with Aerial Pilates & Yoga.  Inspired by the incredible strength and grace of the rings event in men’s gymnastics, this program increases inner joint stability, improves core strength and encourages proper biomechanics.  The controlled instability triggers the deep stabilizing muscles of the body to fire, so you will truly get stronger from the inside out.

  • Located in Peak Sports Club Mind/Body Studio D

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Total Body - Pilates - Core

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