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Hi, I’m Quon Denny! I am a certified personal trainer and nutritionist for over 10 years with a training background of over 20 years. I’m an expert in training high-level athletes for performance and strength training. I also excel at bodybuilding, considering I have competed and won multiple shows over the last 10 years. I grew up in the Rockford area and played numerous sports, such as basketball, football, and baseball, throughout high school and briefly in college. 

One word and quote I live by is Perseverance: Continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failures or opposition. 

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  • 2023, Voted Best Trainer in the City (community votes), Voted Best Male Trainer in the City (What Rocks). 
  • Areas of Expertise: Muscle Building, Weight Loss, Body Transformation, and Overall Healthy Living. 


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    The fitness consultation is your opportunity to meet with a trainer and discuss your fitness goals and help you come up with a plan to achieve those goals.  The consultation includes:

         -Measuring (weight / body fat %)

         -Goal setting

         – Health history

         – Q & A

         -Trainer Recommendations

    Changing Bodies
    Changing Lives

    Need a little motivation to get in better shape?
    Accountability and direction perhaps?
    The Personal Training Team at Peak is here to help you!

    All of our trainers are professionals and have an education from an accredited university or have a nationally recognized certification in Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, Kinesiology, or Nutrition, etc. Your personal trainer will devise a plan for your success and develop a program that will help you reach your goals effectively, efficiently and most of all safely. Your personal trainer will take the guess work out of what you should be doing in the gym, and give you nutritional guidance that will keep you powered up and well recovered. All you have to do is stay positive and committed to achieving the goals you have set for yourself.

    personal training options:

    30 minute, Personal Training Sessions
    50 minute, Personal Training Sessions
    30 minute, Couples Training Sessions (2 people)
    50 minute, Couples Training Sessions (2 people)